Cafe 105

The folks down at Cafe 105 on Capel Street were looking for an inspiring piece of graphics to draw the crowds from the heart of the city centre in dublin. I wanted to create something using illustrations that would engage with the young hip and trendy coffee doers and gossip queens. The place serves as a neat little hang out spot as well as an internet cafe of sorts. Inspiration stems from the likes of TADO and Peskimo...

I designed this poster as a way of communicating fun and eating together.

My research blog

So what's the big cahfuffle, why haven't I been posting lately? I'm currently doing a Masters in Professional Design Practice in Dublin Institute of Technology, Deadlines are drawing in closely and I've been flogged with new pieces of work to do left, right and centre. I'm also considering a switch on blogs. But don't worry I'll give you all the link so you can still follow me.

I've attached a link so you can see it if you're interested in research, if not, that's cool. I intend to keep posting there for the mean time with more creative endevours.

Click Here To See My Thesis In Progress

It's a little on the rough side at the minute and I haven't gotten around to adding all my research to it, but there's time for that later. Right now I've got a media law and strategic marketing presentation to get my head around.


So I haven't really gotten a chance to post anything up lately but be warned, my next post is gonna be big. I've been getting up to alot lately, one such thing was for easter where I created a fund raising poster for the charity OutHouse and did the tickets too.