Starting life afresh...

After Graduating this year I've decided that it was high time to set off on a new adventure that is life. I travelled up the United Kingdom to Edinburgh in Scotland. It's a charming city with everything I could have hoped for in the line of happiness, creativity, recreation, scenery and things to do and see.

An oppurtunity has presented itself to me as of late. A volunteer position as a Junior Graphic Designer for a Charity organisation. This will give me great oppurtunities to churn out some creative thinking and to start pushing myself towards my career. Not to mention, the magazine and illustrations for the company that are released may attract the attention of future employers which would be quite exciting. :)


Blue Willow Street

Street level design for "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

This level was based on Blue Willow China, after looking at the pattern on the plate I thought that my sin sloth would love to live


Design of one of the seven deadly sins level designs, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Wrath, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Vanity, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Sloth, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Lust, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

Lust is a temptress of sorts, she is beautiful and overtly sexual. her body is adorned with symbology such as the paw print near her crotch,

Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Greed, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

Greed is adorned with jewels and expensive items of clothing. For this lady, enough is never enough...she's guarded by a dog that transforms into a guardian beast to attack in defence.


Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

His appearance is that of a giant fat man, spliced with a pig and a cow. He ate too much and his stomach exploded, hence the patch. there are hintings of people trying to get out. His mouth, has to be stapled closed to stop him from devouring everything.


Design of one of the seven deadly sins, Envy, for the game, "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

She needed to be repulsive and have something to be jealous about. Her physical appearance is predominantly but not exclusively based on a snake to reflect her personality

Maxximus Contrast

Design of the main character, Maxxie Contrast for the game, Pallor, Tale of Redemption.

Maxxie is the stubborn procrastinator of the game. The mark on his face represents his tribe, his build allows for him to be agile and quick on his feet. His watch doubles up as a Tracking device. He possesses a cheeky and awkward kind of smile to make him more approachable.

Lust Branding

Branding to advertise Lust as a sin for the Game. I wanted something sexy and sultry and that screamed the word lust at first glance. Her Body and physical assets attribute to her sinful ways immensely.

Branding for Sloth

Branding for Sloth in "Pallor, Tale of Redemption"

"These creatures are somewhat hypnotic"- A quote from the character Sloth that encompasses his procrastinating character.

Design Development

How my work starts to take shape...

Page layout for Mabinogion

Layout of the pages in the books

Endpages and Chapter Headings for Books

Designs for the books endpages and Chapter headings.

The numbers in the Chapter Headings pages represent all the chapters in the book. The faded grey symbol indicates were you, the reader have reached in the book. The overall design of the chapter pages is based on the symbol for the book itself.

The endpages are simple, bright and hold the symbol of each individual book in it.

Books and Bookmarks

How four of the book covers look alongside with the bookmarks adorning the symbol for each specific story.

Concepts and doodles

Some concepts I drew up for the Mabinogion brief.

Branwen, Daughter of Llyr

This image is entitled 'Branwen, Daughter of Llyr', for the "Tales of the Mabinogion". The piece emcompasses themes of war, reanimation, death.


This is an abstract piece I created for the Front cover of a Welsh folk tale entitled Blodeuwedd, the piece encompasses fear, death witchcraft, trickery and deception