FREE: Pride Desktop Wallpaper

These wallpapers were designed for the Pride Festival in Dundalk, the branding and logos were to coincide with these graphics. I wanted simple graphics that were versatile and easily manipulated for any extra resources needed for the event. The wallpapers contain don't contain the same text as the rest of the campaign to keep a more illustrative and Wallpaper-ish feel to them.

Feel free to download these and use them, They're for screens with 1024px X768 px
If you want to request a different Res, Email me: jimmythestargazerdesign@gmail.com

Tangled Up Typography

Illustrative type treatment for "Tangled Up"
Personal Project- Typography Experimentation

This was a really interesting personal project, I tried to make sure that each of the characters were reacting to the tension of the lines between the respective letters.


Logo Dr sketchy's Edinburgh

Dr Sketchy's is a burlesque themed life drawing club based in several locations all around the world. My Logo Design based on the art of burlesque is the negative and positive space in the silhouette of the female form. Using silhouettes as a backdrop the text becomes more legible as the logo needs to be able to be rescaled smaller. The tantalising photos and suggestive poses stem from burlesque and cheesecake poses

Flowers by Cassie

Photo Manipulations of the before and afters of making flowers more aesthetically pleasing. Two of the web design constructs that were thought of to give a solid solution to Cassie's flower arranging business online.

Enchanted forest Gift Wrap

inspired by folklore and old stories of fairies I decided to design a wrapping paper for any occassion. A few of my friends used to be obsessed with fairies and I think that if i wrapped a present in this paper, regardless of how much they liked or disliked the gift, they'd love the sentiment of this wrapper.


Beauties and the Beast

This was an illustration I created as a personal piece blending the beauty of nature with the aesthetic of the female form...