Cuddly Creatures

Web Design, Product Design, Merchandise, Logo Design

The website features animated characters and logos.
This product range was designed to be sold in gift stores like Hallmark.
The Creatures were to be stylised in a series of different ways to keep the look a bit more versatile but in keeping with the theme of the brand itself.
The logo idea was to be cute and cuddly. I used a childlike font with soft pastels to relfect this and wrapped it in a bubble cloud.

The mugs were typography based with a tongue in cheek humour added to them.


Sulis Holistics

Client: Sulis Holistics
Brief: logo design, Leaflet design and printable T-shirts Print.

For this project I used a series of cool colours to symbolise tranquility and health. The Typography on the front of the leaflet was hand rendered and then traced over using vector


Dundalk Pride 2010

Some of my designs for the Pride Fest in Dundalk. Invites, logos, tee shirts and banners designed by me. This project was good for me as it allowed me the creative freedom to do as I wished with a couple of guidelines. I helped launch the online campaign through the use of social networking sites such as twitter and facebook. overall it was enjoyable and gave me good experience, it was cool seeing my stuff being made around me and I hope that this happens more and more in the future.