So today is St.Patricks Day, which means that I've less time than usual to post as I've a parade to attend and have to find something green in my wardrobe. Oh and Happy St Patricks Day to anyone that's reading this.

Typography is essential for a graphic designer to get to grips with. You just have to google top ten tips for graphic designers and the word typography pops up at least once everytime. In the past, I had a habit of shying away from typography believing that my illustrative skills were enough to carry me through a career of creativity, and for some that works quite well... but not for me. This year I've decided to learn more and more about the field of typography, pushing myself further and more into styles and fonts that I've not before experimented with.

Did I mention I'm now an intern at a local NPO? No? Well, I am. And it's a great experience for me. I'm currently working on LGBT campaigns within the locality. I pretty much have creative reign when it comes to ideas for new projects and this allows me to work on skills that aren't as perfect as others. So basically I get to work on the typography skills mentioned above in this placement.

Here's the first of many new type based posters for Dundalk Outcomers.