Walkers Point of Purchase Display unit.

Client- Walkers crisp
Brief- Design an in-store P.O.P. (point of purchase) that places emphasis on the home grown potato side of crisp manufacturing.

Inspiration- all things natural and bright.

for the in-store display I made my piece from cardboard. Cardboard can be easily flat-packed, it is light and recyclable. One would fit more onto the back of the lorry for shipping and distributing, which in turn would mean less vehicles needed which would reduce the overall carbon footprint for the company.

all the illustrations on the display are vectorised, which means that the display could be resized and the quality of the images would not depreciate. the front of the tiers have a potato as the flavour indicator. The sides display a range of nature and farming images in earthy browns greens and yellows. The logo on the backboard acts like a sunrise over the farm (that is the display). Wobblers (pieces of graphic printed onto card and attatched to the main display by means of a clear narrow line of transparent plastic) are placed around the logo to entice children to get their parents to buy the goods for them.

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