Hey Guys, Long time, no post eh? Well over this past month I've been going hard at it to develop some nifty illustrations for an up and coming children's book called Trish the Witch. The book has just been published and is currently in printing and set to be launched at the end of the month. Exciting or what? My name is on the cover, that's very exciting for me to say the least. I designed and illustrated the whole book from start to finish, so it's jam-packed full of 49 illustrations. If you see this book in Easons, Borders or Waterstones, please pick it up and buy it before somebody else does. Initial print runs are limited so you better have fast fingers. :D

Front cover

Trish's Pet mouse trying to get into the story

Where would a witch be without her cauldron?

A mini world map stylised to make the book more fun for kids

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