Trish the Witch book 2

Working on some great wee projects at the moment. Quite happy altogether.
The all new Trish the Witch book 2 has went off to the printers just yesterday. I'm very excited about this altogether as I've tried to do something very different with this one, wait for it.... No white pages for backgrounds. This may not be a big deal to anyone else, but for me it means alot. Firstly, it means that there's a more rich and colourful look and feel to the book. (I think kids will love that and parents will feel like the book is worth more)

Secondly it means that there's more room for error. We're working with lithography this time around to accomodate the larger print run and more ink. Previously we used digital printing. Naturally I've had to be more careful with this book than the last as we're using white typography and alot of colour around the edges. I've outlined the text and made sure to send over the fonts (just incase I missed anything). I've even done some prepress production on the documents to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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